Kaydence Bourque

Kaydence will be remembered for the love he gave. Kind-hearted and a protector, he took care of those around him. With a strong work ethic and maturity far beyond his years, he excelled in academics, music, and anything he put his mind to. Quick to make a joke he was often entertaining at family gatherings and was beloved by all of his family.

At 9:45 pm on Monday, Dec 6th, 2021, while walking home from the bus stop Kaydence was struck by a car while crossing a designated crosswalk and passed away from his injuries. He is survived by his parents Douglas & Crystal and his sister Ahria. With the certainty of Kaydence’s wishes, his organs were donated to help 6 people in need. He was a treasured member of our family, a truly wonderful person, and will forever be missed.